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Published: January 1, 2020



Annual Revenue:

+2 billion CAD





The challenge

Lost business due to gaps in customer perceptions

A multi-national foodservice supplier experienced challenges with key customers in their Canadian market, which in some instances led to lost business. They believed this was due in part to a misperception about their capabilities and product innovation pipeline.

People working in a food processing factory

Advantage application

Voice of the customer (VoC) enables engagement tracking

A multi-wave VoC program was designed to provide a cadence of regular touchpoints with key customers using a custom practice set and reporting filters. The client worked with Advantage to co-create custom parameters to measure against their objectives. Practices aligned with this company’s regional team structure, product types, and distribution channels facilitating a simple segmentation at analysis.


The outcome

A path to differentiated key customer action plans

The first wave of the program highlighted the need for a more customized distribution experience for each customer.  It also raised the importance of continuous follow-through with customers to further investigate relationship gaps and opportunities.  Future waves will be conducted to listen to the ongoing impact of these findings and explore other areas of opportunity, so this foodservice supplier may respond to the voice of their customers.