Data and  Analytics

Data and

More Data to Help you Make your Numbers

Gather specific data beyond what is available in Advantage programme results.  These are powerful options for organizations looking to gain a broader and deeper understanding of their performance.

Advanced Analytics

If you are looking for additional insights, we can combine core Advantage data with other data to deliver advanced analytics. For example, we can correlate your Advantage scores with sales performance in market, or we can run correlation studies to understand what practices are really driving your performance.

Advanced Analytics

Custom Reporting

Use Custom Reporting to focus on specific areas within your report.

  • Request a Custom Deep Dive Analysis to focus on a specific subset of results, such as for a specific channel
  • Get Custom Benchmarking Reports to alter your competitive set
  • Ask for Custom Account Segmentation to study the results of a specific account or retail group
  • Order Custom Methodology Reports to customize or adjust the parameters that determine your Advantage Report results
Custom Reporting

There are Always Opportunities to Improve.

In today’s markets, no one can afford to take success for granted.

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