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Powerful and Versatile Market Reporting

We offer a suite of programs, Advantage Report, Advantage Pulse, Advantage Cadence, Advantage Align and Advantage Research. Choose the one that best meets your needs, or combine different programs to achieve the insights you need to be successful.

Advantage Report

Everything you need to act decisively, from the industry leader in supplier-retailer performance benchmarking. Our jointly syndicated reports use two-way feedback to help suppliers and retailers measure, track and strengthen their performance with each other annually.

  • Vital competitive feedback from customers to suppliers and from suppliers to customers
  • Benchmark of Overall Performance, high level Performance Areas, and detailed Practice level
  • Individual customer account profiles
  • Executive summary
  • Globally consistent metrics allow you to easily compare and contrast across all markets

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AdvantageReport Supplier

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AdvantageReport Retailer

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Advantage Cadence

A real-time feedback platform that exists to help buyer and seller teams elevate their performance and strengthen their relationships. With Cadence, organizations are able to develop quick, frequent, and focused feedback programs that help identify gaps, improve performance, and drive action.

  • Evaluate and compare real-time performance across multiple relationships on an ongoing basis
  • Generate insights to help isolate and diagnose emergent issues and gaps
  • Measure the effectiveness of change / improvement initiatives
  • Encourage greater accountability and focus in developing and measuring joint improvement plans 
Advantage Cadence
Advantage Align

Advantage Align is a report option that allows suppliers and retailers to stack their performance measures side-by-side with complete transparency.

  • Facilitates a meeting and conversation about how they strategically align and make improvements
  • Set and align priorities, targets, and goals, and quickly evaluate where there are disconnects
Advantage Align
Advantage Reach

This comprehensive benchmarking program delivers everything you need to act decisively in markets where Advantage Report program is unavailable.

  • An integrated, qualitative and quantitative study of retailers’ perceptions of their suppliers
  • Feedback from key customers on each company’s strengths and areas of opportunity.
Advantage Reach

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