AdvantageReport Retailer

  AdvantageReport Retailer

Know Where You Stand

Today, you need to know just how competitive you are. At last, retailers can get the context they are looking for to truly understand their place in the market. Find out where you rank overall in the industry and by performance area. View benchmarks of your performance against your peer group as well as best in class retailers.


Understand How Others See You

Understanding how well you are performing requires an objective viewpoint. Examine how you are perceived by your trading partners. Our data provides a unique opportunity to identify your strengths and potential and to gain a third-party view on where you should focus your efforts to improve.


What's Included

Advantage Report Retailer gives you a clear, all-around view of where you stand based on candid feedback.

Overall Performance

See how your company is rated and how it ranks overall.

Business Relationship

Build profitable business for both parties by clearly communicating strategies/objectives and implementing agreed business plans.


Ensure that as an organization, your decision making is streamlined and that there is effective communication between departments.

Category/Business Development

Build your category assortment based on known consumer needs and drive demand for products through effective customer/consumer-focused marketing programs.

Retail Execution

Make sure programs are executed in a timely and accurate manner in all retail stores.

Supply Chain Management

Work collaboratively with your suppliers to achieve logistics supply chain efficiencies and understand areas for improvement.

How well do we know your sector?

How it Works

Get straightforward feedback from suppliers without revision or reinterpretation.


You and your suppliers rate each other’s performance across a number of important business practices.


We follow up with phone interviews to gain deeper insights and a better understanding of the results.


We analyze and integrate the feedback, and present it back to you at both national, departmental, and category level.

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“Advantage Report™, for us, is the opportunity to give and get feedback that then helps us understand how we can improve our business, and gives feedback to suppliers on how they can improve their business; all with the opportunity of how we drive faster growth together by doing better things together for us and for customers.”

- Jamie Walker, Product Director Tesco Central Europe

There are Always Opportunities to Improve.

In today’s markets, no one can afford to take success for granted.

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