AdvantageReport Supplier

  AdvantageReport Supplier

Get Vitally Important 
Competitive Feedback

Advantage Report Supplier offers the most powerful understanding of how you measure up in your key markets. Find out where you rank overall, in your industry and by specific performance areas. View benchmarks of your performance against your peer group as well as best in class companies.


See Where You Can Improve

Gather rich and valuable market intelligence. Find out what your customers’ priorities really are and how well aligned your company is in delivering on those. Review how your company’s performance is trending over time, which will enable you to identify the specific places where your company should focus its efforts to improve.


What's Included

Advantage Report Supplier gives you a clear, all-around view of where you stand based on candid feedback from your retailers.

Overall Performance

See how your company is rated and how it ranks overall.

Strategic Alignment

Check your progress on sustainability, differentiation, integration and investment against your strategy and business plans.


Assess how well you are communicating with retailers to build trust and encourage responsiveness within your culture. 

Category Development

Drive category growth through deeper insights and by optimising your product mix.

Consumer Marketing

Increase your marketing effectiveness with consumers through better brand marketing, introducing innovative products and improving your product launch processes.

Trade and Shopper Marketing

Manage your promotions better and improve your shopper marketing.

Supply Chain

Achieve your supply chain metrics through better forecasting, order fulfillment and supply chain efficiencies.

Customer Service

Meet the needs of your customers more effectively through proactive order status programmes and by responding directly to customer needs and feedback.

How it Works

Get straightforward feedback from retailers to help you make important changes and build success.


You and your retailers rate each other’s performance across a number of important business practices.


We follow up with phone interviews to gain deeper insights and a better understanding of the results.


We analyze the feedback, integrate and present it back to you at national, account, and functional levels.

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“Advantage Report™ adds credibility to what we are trying to foster and improve in the relationships with our customers. As we look at the mega consumer trends that are out there, Advantage Report™ helps us shape our platforms. We work it through to the execution at retailer to better serve the consumer. If we serve the consumer better, obviously our customer is happy, too.”

- Dennis Belacastro, VP Industry & Customer Development, Kimberly-Clark

There are Always Opportunities to Improve.

In today’s markets, no one can afford to take success for granted.

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