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Understanding and keeping pace with customer demands is harder and more important than ever before. How you respond to new strategies, business models, changing consumer interests, growth expectations and a host of other challenges will decide whether you succeed or recede.


High-performing companies around the world trust Advantage Group International to see them through these challenging times. For over 30 years, our proprietary, industry-leading reports have helped companies to expand globally, providing the vital performance feedback that suppliers and retailers need to manage and grow their businesses. Now we have set ourselves a new challenge: to deliver the insights our clients need to achieve even greater levels of success in increasingly competitive markets.

We know that strong relationships lie at the heart of improving performance. Our 360-degree perspective is helping our clients truly understand what it takes to be a top performer today and what they should expect, and encourage, in their relationships with others.







New Ways to Help you Compete and Succeed

Our in-market range of services gives you all the background and understanding to compete with confidence. From Engagement Programs that use unique two-way feedback to help suppliers and retailers measure, track and strengthen their performance to Data and Analytics, Bespoke Research and Advisory, Advantage offers you a full range of services to realize your potential and succeed on your terms.


Engagement Programs
Data Analytics
Bespoke Research

Eight Ways we will Help you Lift Performance

  1. Greater cross-functional alignment on what customers are really looking for
  2. Better and more profitable relationships characterised by open dialogue and improved transparency
  3. Greater awareness of best practice
  4. Improved ability to recognise and respond to threats
  5. More effective resource planning and investment
  6. Identification of richer economies of scale
  7. Improved speed and agility in-market
  8. Better alignment between actions and KPIs

Trusted Globally

Advantage supports over 930 Supplier and 650 Retailer companies including many of the world’s leading brands:

We work in 40+ markets across the world.

There are Always Opportunities to Improve.

In today’s markets, no one can afford to take success for granted.

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