Tap into the Power of Advantage: 8 Reasons Why

Interested in driving better business results, objectively measuring performance and/or strengthening collaboration with your trading partners? Then tap into the power of Advantage. Find out from our clients why Advantage Report™ is the industry’s 'must have' when it comes to stepping up business relationships and results.

Advantage Report™: A Strategic Dialogue for Game-Changing Growth


Rob Gehring, Global Chief Sales Officer of the Hershey Company, notes that consumer preferences and purchases behavior are constantly changing. He uses the Advantage Report™ to gather candid feedback and to elevate the dialogue from tactical to strategic. Strategic initiatives – stemming from Advantage data – drive game-changing growth and commercial results.

Advantage Report™: A Foundation for the Future



Dennis Belacastro, VP Industry and Customer Development at Kimberly-Clark, identifies the Advantage Report™ as a foundation for future plans with retailers. It also adds credibility to what they are trying to do with the retailers to better serve the consumer.

Advantage Report™: A Diagnostic and Predictor of Business Performance


James Mounter, Head of Global Capabilities at Johnson & Johnson, discusses how the Advantage Report™ provided a clear and consistent diagnostic of hot spots in business performance by functional area. There is a direct correlation between Advantage scores and business results. James states, “It became a diagnostic of how the business would perform.”

Advantage Report™ for Collaboration


Jamie Walker, Product Director of Central Europe for Tesco, talks about the importance of collaboration for growth and how Advantage Report™ provides the vehicle for retailers and suppliers to succeed in doing a better business for themselves and for the end consumer.

Advantage Report ™: Unlock the Power of Relationships



Stephan van Kuik, Vice President Sales & Business Development Director from Danone Dairy UK, Ireland, Benelux, discusses the importance of cooperation between retailers and suppliers. He cites that the Advantage Report™ serves as a platform for feedback that opens and unlocks a broader dialogue across business functions.

Advantage Report ™: Collaboration Builds Retailer and Supplier Businesses


Ed van de Weerd, Commercial Director of Jumbo Supermarkets Netherlands, states, “Collaborative relationships are crucial,” as a former supplier turned retailer he has a unique perspective. He believes that the Advantage Report™ is a tool to start a dialogue that together builds businesses.

Advantage Report™: An Objective Scorecard


Michael Hayes, SVP Sales & Strategy of Georgia-Pacific, talks about the Advantage Report™ as a benchmark for performance and as a tool for retailer engagement and a third-party perspective that softens the impact of delivering feedback internally.

Advantage Report™: Data for Collaboration


Steven Skinner, Senior Vice President, Products and Resources Practice Leader from Cognizant Business Consulting, says, “Data always exposes the truth.” He believes that the Advantage Report™ data drives better decision making and is critical to the ongoing vibrancy of our marketplace.

Advantage Report™: A Best-in-Class Platform


Bob Richardson, Director of Sales, Customer & Industry Development of Clorox, talks about the Advantage Group’s solid industry reputation for best-in-class measures, KPIs and transparency.

Advantage Report™: A Standard Approach for Improved Performance


Jim Flannery, Senior Executive Vice President of Operations & Industry Collaboration, Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), discusses how the Advantage Report™ helps identify industry-wide and trading partner processes that are underutilized or not leveraged effectively to move the business ahead. Advantage Report can help everyone raise their game through a common approach to measuring business performance.

Advantage Report™: An Unbiased View


Kurt Laufer, SVP of National Sales & Chief Customer Officer of Dean Foods, speaks about the importance of the Advantage Report™ to provide an unbiased view of manufacturer performance during changing industry dynamics.

Advantage Report™: The Power of Advantage


Dave Iacobelli, Vice President of Sales at Clorox Canada, states, “Advantage Report™ is a great tool to scorecard performance at a customer level.” It helps validate and set goals as well as strategize and prioritize. Advantage Report has helped Clorox Canada become more solution-oriented and in turn achieve phenomenal business results.  

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