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Published: March 16, 2022
New Global Leadership Team Advantage Group Mar 2022
Leandro Bonder, SVP of Global Client Development; Christian Pfeiffer, Senior Director of Global Client Development; Nehna Rauf, Director of Global Client Development

Advantage Group International, leaders in business-to-business engagement, is pleased to announce the promotion of Leandro Bonder to SVP of Global Client Development, and the appointments of Christian Pfeiffer and Nehna Rauf to Senior Director and Director of Global Client Development respectively. The team has been brought together to guarantee a reliable, consistent, and quality global client experience in all 40+ markets that Advantage serves.

In his new role as SVP, Leandro brings a mix of 15 years of retail experience with five years serving Advantage’s global clients. Prior to his role at Advantage, Leandro was based out of Switzerland working for one of the world leaders in food retail, Casino Group, where he was responsible for global partnerships in the Latin American, European, and Asian markets.

“Leandro has been a major driver of success within Advantage over the past 5 years, continually engaging clients both new and longstanding,” says Advantage Chief Commercial Strategy Officer, Anthony Guadagnolo. “And crucially, he knows what our clients’ challenges are, because of his experience as a retailer. That insider experience is vital for us as we continue to design and enhance our solutions for suppliers and retailers alike.”

Importantly, Leandro will be supported in his role by best-in-class talent. The appointments of Christian Pfeiffer and Nehna Rauf are seen as a clear signal that Advantage is focused on elevating the client experience. With Christian’s 20+ years of experience within FMCG and Nehna’s 15+ years of experience within consulting, Advantage has built a Global Client Development leadership team with a track record of delivering success around the world.

Over the next year, Leandro and his team will play a vital role in the continued expansion of Advantage within both their established and newer markets. And they will be tasked with ensuring that no matter where clients are located, they will receive an experience that genuinely helps both suppliers and retailers be better together.

About Advantage Group International

Advantage Group is the leading advisor for CPG and Grocery business-to-business engagement solutions globally. Trusted by many of the world’s leading brands, the annual Advantage ReportTM has become the gold standard for improving performance between suppliers and retailers in over 40 countries. Established in 1988, Advantage Group acts as an integral link between supplier and retail partners, using data analytics and strategy consulting to explore opportunities for mutual growth and strengthen relationships, helping businesses be better together.

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