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Published: May 8, 2024

Logo of new Advantage Group International product logo: AQAI (Advantage Qualitative Artificial Intelligence) powered by Kapiche

The first AI-powered feature for the company allows clients to enhance their utilization of qualitative business partner feedback.

Advantage Group International (AGI), in partnership with Kapiche, announces the launch of Advantage Qualitative Artificial Intelligence (AQAI). This AI-powered feature enables clients to enhance their utilization of qualitative business partner feedback.

Kapiche is a feedback analytics platform that helps decision-makers better understand feedback at scale, delivering the confidence and insights to power better business decisions. AQAI uses Kapiche’s AI software to process feedback collected via AGI’s signature product, Advantage Report, and to support the deep analysis of verbatims and extraction of insights. This optional feature is available to all current Advantage Report clients. AQAI has been proven valuable, delivering robust insights to over 100 AGI clients.

AGI elevates the client experience by integrating AQAI as a reporting service with Advantage Report. This gives AGI clients a deeper understanding of their business partners’ behaviours, attitudes, motivations, and emotions and eliminates the need to manually interpret vast amounts of verbatim feedback. AQAI offers a suite of specialized reports:

  • Trends Over Time Analysis – monitors evolving patterns
  • Custom Deep Dive Analysis – provides bespoke investigative insights
  • Competitor Analysis – analyzes market dynamics
  • Best-In-Class Analysis – benchmarks against industry leaders

Ryan Stuart, CEO and co-founder of Kapiche, says, “We are in the midst of a very exciting transformation with the latest advancements in AI. Over the next few years, we will see knowledge work change as AI gets further integrated into ways of working. AGI has identified the opportunity this represents for both how they operate and the outcomes they are able to deliver to their client base. We are really looking forward to partnering with them on that transformation.”

Peter Harris, AGI Chief Research Officer, comments, “With AQAI, we’ve been able to revolutionize our product and make our qualitative data more impactful and valuable for clients. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation so that we can continue providing value for our clients, particularly when it comes to insights about how to better their business partner relationships.”

Business Professional in a boardroom setting sharing insights generated from AQAI (Advantage Qualitative Artificial Intelligence)

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