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Published: March 13, 2023

Duygu Kecelioglu’s deep knowledge of the Turkish market will be an asset for Advantage Group’s strategic goals for the country and expansion efforts in the region.

Duygu Kecelioglu, Managing Director of Türkiye, Advantage Group
Duygu Kecelioglu, Managing Director of Türkiye, Advantage Group

Advantage Group International announces the appointment of Duygu Kecelioglu as Country Manager of Türkiye. As Managing Director, Duygu will lead a talented team and focus on strengthening retailer and supplier engagement within the Turkish market.

Based in Istanbul, Türkiye, Duygu holds 19 years of experience in insights, shopper research and analytics in the FMCG sector and with international market research companies. Her career began in 2004 at Nielsen where she joined as a Client Executive. Duygu then worked at Turkcell as a Data Scientist, Türkiye’s leading mobile phone operator.

Duygu moved to Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI) in 2008, where she had several responsibilities under commercial functions over the last 15 years. In her last role, she worked as Knowledge, Insights and Execution Excellence Lead, where she was responsible for 11 countries under CCI, giving her broad experience and unique knowledge of the Central Asia and Middle East regions.  During this time, Duygu also worked with Advantage Group on Advantage Report Voice of the Retailer. Duygu’s experience gives her a valuable combination of understanding relationship management, research, market share acquisition and leadership, as well as insight generation into the needs and opportunities that exist in the FMCG sector.

Duygu is excited about her future at Advantage, “I’m looking forward to harnessing the enormous potential in Türkiye and its surrounding regions. I firmly believe in the power of active listening in collaboration, especially in a world with limited resources. I’ve always advocated for Advantage Report and its unique model for promoting mutual stakeholder understanding. Now, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share our engagement programs with the Turkish market and demonstrate the value they can bring to engagement between suppliers and retailers. I am confident that, with the support of my team, we’ll be able to grow the influence of Advantage Group and help people and organizations work better together.”

“Duygu’s knowledge of the Turkish Retail landscape, combined with her research expertise, will be a great asset in expanding our service in the market. Duygu’s experience will be of great benefit to our clients in Turkey, and I am sure she will make a valuable contribution across the Region. I have tremendous confidence that Duygu will prove to be a successful market leader,” says Mike Doole, Senior Vice President of Europe at Advantage Group International.

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